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Ajax needs to be a place where more people dream and realize dreams.  Where people who apply themselves thrive. 

Brenton is running to ensure “No one is left behind”.  No business, no senior, no family, no individual or household should be left behind.  Whatever future success we seek for Ajax we want everyone moving towards it together.



1. Register to become a conservative Member:

Membership allows you to nominate Brenton to become a conservative candidate for the Ajax Riding. Register yourself and anyone in your household over 14years old.  

2. Donate 

 Make a donation to help me build an effective campaign.

3. Spread the word

Tell your loved ones “Brenton is running for Ajax” and ask them to do the above steps.

Brenton Alleyne
How to help

As I seek nomination to be a conservative candidate in the Ajax Riding

I need your support.

Volunteer Today:

The only way we are going to win this is if people like you get involved. 

Make Calls to potential Voters

Talk to your friends, neighbours and co-workers.



Send text messages to voters

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