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Why Brenton is Running:

Brenton Alleyne was born in Toronto and has lived in Ajax for over 30 years. He grew up in a family that focused on giving back and sought ways to help others live better.

Brenton Alleyne

Brenton prioritizes self-improvement and helping others do the same.  He does not claim success in every area of his life, but he strives to improve as a result of every experience.   He has learned how to push through both pain and praise to come out on the other side a more whole individual.

Brenton believes we discover new versions of ourselves as we serve others.  For over 30 years, from behind the barber chair, as Vice & Chair of the Village BIA, as clergy, within schools, and in community groups.  Serving others has shaped him to hear and care for those struggling to feed their families and those seeking to cover their business expenses.  All of which are great preparation for this opportunity.

As a business owner, Brenton understands the complexities that goes into realizing a dream.  In the early days of business, he worked tirelessly to meet payroll and at times didn’t draw a personal salary.   Brenton knows the frustrations of reinventing and redefining what normal is and what it will be as we move through this pandemic.

Being an MP will require hard work but the reward will be in knowing we are helping great people.  Brenton developed a good work ethic from his Trinidadian parents, who worked hard to build a life for their family, here in Canada.  He used that work ethic in building various businesses and his family here in Ajax.  His home, children, education, recreation, business, church, etc. all have roots here in Ajax.  He is here because he believes in the Ajax community and desires to see Ajax become home for many more families, businesses, and groups.  Brenton desires to see everyone who resides here find belonging.

Brenton is running to ensure “No one is left behind”.  No business, no senior, no family, no individual or household should be left behind.  Whatever future success we seek for Ajax we want everyone moving towards it together.

This vote is bigger than liberals versus conservative.  It is about a candidate that will fight for all Ajax residents.  As your MP,  Brenton will bring  your concerns  (present and future) to Ottawa to be heard.  Brenton understands the power of unity  in community.  Brenton will fight to ensure that  every voice  is heard and every person considered.

Nominate Alleyne 4 Ajax to ensure… No one is left behind

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